27 November, 2011

Alphabet Soup Sunday #1

I have come to the conclusion that if I try to have regular features on my blog, I blog more. So that said, here are a few of the regular features you can expect from now on:
  • Alphabet Soup Sunday—A progress update on my current Stash Down A to Z project (or a finished object post).
  • Fun Finds Friday—A list of a few items that I've found as I've scoured the web (yes, including Pinterest) from the past week, or what I'm currently into.
  • Self-Imposed Socks—As you know, I've dropped out of the Plunge and have joined the Self-Imposed Sock Club group on Ravelry. I'm going to begin the challenge in earnest in January, so the first of the once-per-month posts will occur in late December when I announce my January sock pattern.
  • Three-Country Shawl Crawl—This feature will only occur monthly as well. I will update you on the projects I've been working on for the Three-Country Shawl KAL group, which includes the quarterly shawl as well as any projects I'm working on for the mini-alongs.
  • Tuesday's Tally—This feature will return soon with a new One a Day project. For now, I'm keeping it under wraps!

In addition to the above, you can expect random posts about the Kidlets, holiday or other event photos, and anything else that strikes my fancy.

So now, on to today's Alphabet Soup Sunday post. I am a fickle, fickle knitter, and the Aquaphobia socks have gone back into the UFO box. I just don't know about them. The pattern is lovely. The resulting sock is lovely—until I put it on my foot. Then I notice that due to the slipped-stitch pattern, the instep is shorter than the sole.

This results in the toe being tugged onto the instep, so the pattern doesn't end at the toe as in most socks. I also couldn't seem to make a short-row heel work well with this pattern due to the extra large number of stitches that are cast-on. A short-row heel was just too wide.

I love the colorway far too much for these to become a pair of socks that I will never wear, so I think for now that they are going to sit in time out. I'm thinking of taking the stitch pattern (minus the cable) and making a pair of fingerless mitts or mittens out of them. The stitch pattern creates a nice, dense fabric that I think will be perfect for keeping my hands warm without adding a lot of bulk.

In the meantime, remember this yarn?

Which I acquired at this event?

It is becoming this.

And here is a progress photo:

I have three days and far to go, but I am loving it.


meg said...

Beautiful sock! I love the colorway and the slipstitch is so pretty with handpainted yarn.

One possibility for your sock is to do a few periodic "short rows" across the instep only. This is often done to "Catch up" with stockinette/garter stitch. Slip stitch patterns often make stitches more square, while the surrounding stockinette still has rectangular stitches. By adding an extra row about every 6 rows you can keep the top on par with the sole. So you know, if you WANT to keep the yarn in socks, that is a possibility!

Andi said...

Really stinks about your Aquaphobia socks. I hate it when I have to frog rather than "waste" some lovely yarn.
Your Avery is looking beautiful! Ah, that color!
I love that you have been blogging more!