02 December, 2011

Fun Finds Friday #1

Sipping Bell's Winter White Ale.

Casting on this epic scarf.

Hoping to make Nutella Bread Pudding for breakfast Christmas morning.

Ordering these ornaments for some wordy friends.

Munching on some dill pickle popcorn from Cravings.

Thinking that if neighborhood dogs must bark incessantly, the least they could do is bark this.

Trying Door-to-Door Organics to see if I like it and the pricing is reasonable.

Putting Fork in the Road Local Artisan Diner on my list of restaurants to visit again.


Trisha said...

I used D2D Organics last winter and loved it. Loved with a capital L. Very reasonable... same price as going to my local market every week. I stopped when I planted my garden (which yielded little this year...) and am thinking of starting it up again. I loved having new produce every week!

Oh, and I totally want to knit that scarf, now. I have no real scraps! FIE!

Andi said...

OMG- you are such an enabler! The beer, the popcorn..I can't even begin to tell you what this is going to do for my budget. :)
Not to mention what that scarf is going to do to my WIPS. I am going to really try no to cast it on!