17 December, 2011

Fun Finds Friday #3

Welcome to the Saturday edition of Fun Finds Friday! Fun Finds Friday is late this week because I was at the staff Christmas partay last night, and I do mean par-tay! I'm feeling it a little bit this morning. :)

What have I been up to this week?
  • Shopping for fabric to make these blankets for little ones who love to watch movies on Friday nights!
  • Planning a trip to the salon. Wanting some festive nails for the holidays.
  • Loving this book. Thank you for sharing, Susan! It's the perfect gift for two knitters I know.
  • Watching this video over and over, and wondering just how you construct an amazing instrument like that.
  • Thinking it's about time to watch White Christmas. I just love this scene and this scene. Awesome choreography on the second one.
  • Hoping for a pattern for these mittens.
  • Reading this infographic about Christmas trees.

The making absolutely, positively must begin in earnest now that I am off work. These hands will be extremely busy this week!


Andrea said...

I bet your Holy Toast was a hit!

Dylanarman said...
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