27 January, 2013

Beanie for Dubs

I've got another finished object, knit from the same yarn as the socks I just finished for Mom.  Crystal Palace Panda Cotton comes in 50-gram balls that are 182 yards each.  I was a little worried that the Mom's socks would take more than 360ish yards of yarn, so I bought a third ball.  I ended up using just a few grams of that ball.  What to knit with the leftovers?  A beanie.  A baby beanie.  A baby beanie for Dubs.

My friends and I are fond of giving nicknames.  Rarely do we call people by their actual name.  One of our colleagues had a son right around Thanksgiving.  The baby's first and last initials are WW, so someone came up with Dubs.  Cute, right?

Chubby Dubby!

Photo courtesy of Dubs's mama.

Pattern: Cable Baby by Pamela Allen
Yarn: Crystal Palace Panda Cotton Print in New Denim
Needles: Size 3, 3.25 mm
Ravel it!

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