02 January, 2013

Much-Talked-About Plans

Happy New Year!  I am finally checking in to this space once again.  It is with a sigh of relief that I say out with 2012 and in with 2013!

Knitting update: October and November were all about finishing projects that had sat on the needles for far too long.  And in December, I finally began the much-talked-about cardigan.  After a few more rows, I will be ready to divide for the armholes.

Speaking of much-talked-about, the past few weeks have been all about taking action on things much-talked-about.  Maybe I decided, after watching my best friend miss her mother this holiday season, or after watching some serious craziness go down in this nation, that you can't take it with you, so you'd better enjoy it while you can.  Or maybe this is my way of doing osoji, the Japanese tradition of cleaning before the New Year.  Or maybe I decided to start my New Year's goals a little early.  In any case, there has been not only been planning, but there has also been action.

There is a plan for the walk-in-closet.  Measurements have been taken and retaken, and there will be a little dare-I-call-it demo and painting and ordering and installing.  Soonly.

Kitchen and dining room cabinets have been undergoing an overhaul as well.  They aren't done yet, and they won't be until I can afford to finish purchasing all sorts of items for organizing, but for now I'm doing what I can.  Baby steps.  Because (after the clothing closet) the kitchen is the least functional room in the house, that's my next priority.  My kitchen pinboard is getting quite full.

Pins and pins and more pins.  Plans and plans and more plans.  And finally, some action.


Kristyn McCain said...

Good luck on your remodel.

YogiKoks said...

I just love your home.... We would love a bungalow. Humble abode is what we call our home;)