27 August, 2008

I Must Have Man Hands

Hello, little brown tweed.

I don't know what you want to be, but it's certainly not Ann Budd's Fingerless Mitts. You might decide to be Ysolda's Garter Stitch Mitts, but you're not sure yet. You're still deciding.

In the meantime, off you go back into the stash. Hello chunky red tweed.

Fellow knitters, I'm not sure what happened on this one. I knit at least five mitts just to get two. As of this post, I had reknit them in the brown tweed only to discover they were still too small. I started a mitt in the largest size, and after knitting a few rows I realized that it was quite possible the mitt still might come out too small. With only a couple of days before the end of the Ravelympics and two other projects to complete, I had to decide: new pattern, or new yarn? Which is easier? Most definitely new yarn.

So I cast on the awesome red tweed that I had purchased at the Yarn Garden. It had been calling to me from my stash ever since I had bought it. Visions of the mitts and a denim jacket and Uncle John's Cider Mill danced in my head. So I knit half the first mitt in the medium size, and then I realized that IT WAS GOING TO BE TOO SMALL FOR ME AGAIN.

Are you kidding me? I've heard that your ears keep growing your entire life. (Or is it your nose?) But your hands? The last time I made these mitts for myself, I knit them in the smallest size. They still fit. My hands have not grown. Weird, weird, weird.

I must have man hands. But only when I wear the red tweed. Or the brown tweed. When I wear the Pea Soup Mitts, my hands are still little and cute. Photo evidence:

And now for the unveiling of Tweedy Mitts I.

Man hands are good for hauling firewood.

A big thanks to my good friend Jeeves, who took the above two pictures, because it's really hard to take pictures of your hands and hold a camera at the same time.

The name Tweedy Mitts I implies that there will be more tweedy mitts. There will be. And quite possibly a tweedy tam and some tweedy socks. It's nearly autumn, so 'tis the season for tweed.

Cascade 128 Tweed in Ruby

Size 9, 5.5 mm

Fingerless Mitts by Ann Budd
Weekend Knitting

And last but not least, the mitts earned me my fourth Ravelympics medal.

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