24 February, 2010

Ravelympics—Days Eleven and Twelve

Exhaustion. Exhaustion has set in, I tell you. I am trying to rally. Five more days until Closing Ceremonies, and I have a lot left to do... knit the sleeves and ties on Baby Mania, Take Four. Knit half a Red Rivulet sock. Knit an entire Sparkling Mango sock.


In a move that can only be described as tricky and sneaky, I decided to abandon the idea of designing a pair of fingerless mitts before the end of the Olympics. I was going to work on finishing up the baby sweater on Monday while I was home all day due to the snow day, but this nearly-finished cowl kept talking to me.

Frog me! Frog me! I want to be something else!

Who am I to argue? Mission accomplished... and a trip to the podium once again.

Now, I have to admit, I think that frogging a project is a pretty cheap way to earn a medal unless, say, you are frogging Kidsilk Haze or something like that. I'm not sure why the International Ravelympics Committee decided to make this a medaling sport. But hey, if they are handing them out, I will take it!

The above yarn decided that it wants to be a Chickadee Cowl, and it is over halfway done already.

In other news, I made the most delicious tuna fish a few days ago but neglected to take a photo of it before I ate it. If you want to make it, you are going to have to get yourself some American Spoon Great Lakes Seafood Sauce. If you're not from Michigan, you may not know about American Spoon. It's a little company that produces all manner of jarred goodies: preserves and salsas and grilling sauces and barbecue sauces and relishes and mustards. Yum! This seafood sauce, while excellent atop grilled fish, is even better when mixed with tuna. It's lemony and dilly and full of capers. Delish!

Because it is made with a Michigan product and because I made it and ate it during the Ravelympics, I hereby dedicate this recipe to my teammates.

Team Michigan Tuna
12-oz. can white albacore tuna in water, drained
1 T. mayonnaise
1 T. spicy brown mustard
1 1/2 T. American Spoon Foods Great Lakes Seafood Sauce
1 t. lemon pepper
1 t. dried parsley
2-3 baby carrots, grated

Mix together all ingredients. Serve on flatbread or in lettuce cups.

Anyone know of a place in the mid-Michigan area that carries American Spoon products? I have run out of sauce, and I would like more. A trip Up North is not in my immediate future, and I hate to pay for shipping... but I would really like more tuna!


Andrea said...

I really liked that cowl, but I think I like the Chickadee Cowl even more.
And I did not know about the American Spoon! I love tuna and this looks like it will make some delish sandwiches!

Mrs. H said...

You can buy American Spoon items online - maybe it's so much more expensive that it's not worth it though. Have you checked Michigania?

mom said...

I'll look for it around here. We have a lot of stores that sell American Spoon products.